Alexander Grieg

Bank of No Land transports you to a different place, an open space informed by freedom. Inspired by great composers, both past and present, the music is played with the ease of modern improvisers. A contrast between moments of total relaxation and intensely focused bursts of energy define the framework for the band's explorations.

Piccinno and Waage met in a session in London in 2003. Based on a common musical taste, they started a collaboration which led to various concerts and settings around Europe, the USA and Japan. Grieg joined the band soon after having attended a gig held in Norway by Waage and Piccinno. Grieg's sound and compositional style made him a natural member of the band right away. Finally, after having explored a selection of drummers for a while, they found Laurie Lowe. With his effortless flow and interaction, he ended up being the perfect choice for Bank Of No Land's first album which is set for release in September 2008.

Acoustic Bass
Audun Waage
Franco Piccinno